Chin Augmentation with Dr. Dadvand

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I think it’s safe to say that this blog post is most personal and potentially graphic for those squemish of heart. So let’s get right into the nidy gritty.


For the longest time I’ve been kind of down or irritated that my jawline & chin hadn’t been looking as chiseled like back when I was young. However that was mainly due to my lack of eating healthy & packing on a few pounds. How was I suppose to know eating ramen makes you bloat lol 😂 . I’d been contemplating the idea of getting a full chin implant and had tried filler before but never thought of filler for my chin problem. I was referred to Dr. Dadvand through my publicist and she raved about him so naturally I was curious. I set up my appointment and I was ready to go.


I arrived at the office and I was greeted by a friendly staff and was asked to wait in the suite where I’d be getting my procedure done.  I was quite impressed with the clean aesthetic.  It was a very friendly and inviting environment.  I have to admit, I was nervous because it is in Beverly Hills.  I thought the environment would be uptight and the staff would be too sterile.  It was just the opposite.  I felt very comfortable.



The nurse applied a numbing creme to my chin and jawline. It sat for about 15 minutes.  Dr. Dadvand came in.  I automatically felt comfortable.   His nature and knowledge was very reassuring.  I have been to visit other cosmetic surgeons but no one made me feel quite at ease as Dr. Dadvand.  We consulted about my problem, areas.  He advised on a natural approach and wanted to make sure we were on the same page.  It was important to me not to look overdone.  We agreed on the procedure.  He started issuing my injections of restylane with the upmost precision and artistic sensibility.  I really liked that he was gentle and took his time.  Additionally, he made sure my jawline was equal on both sides.  His attention to detail is extraordinary.



I would totally recommend Dr. Dadvand.  Check out his website and book your appointment today.


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