Being able to be apart of one of the biggest American television events was more than I could have ever imagined. I was brought in to this project by Kim Kimble who’s worked for Beyonce for years. So naturally when she asked me to be apart of the team I couldn’t say no. The whole experience was electrifying, especially with 3 teams working under one big tent. Between wardrobe, makeup & hair it took over 3 months of preparation for one performance.

I arrived to San Mateo on a Wednesday are we rehearsed everyday until game day. When I say rehearse I literally mean full dress rehearsals. Later I found out that the rehearsals were all video taped. This was a way for Beyonce to see how she wanted it visually come game day.

The look created for the half time show was inspired by the Black Panther movement. We braided down 32 back up dancers, afro picked wigs and sewed everything down. Our biggest challenge for this performance was making sure nothing flew off during the live performance. Luckily come game day that didn’t happen & Beyonce was very happy with our efforts. The whole experience was incredible & I felt super grateful to apart of such a monumentous occasion.



Anthony Pazos behind the scenes at Super Bowl 50

Anthony Pazos with Kim Kimble & team in front of Levi Stadium.


Dancers moments before Super Bowl 50 half time show.

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