First let me start out by saying that although the after is beautiful, this client would like to stay anonymous (hence the bars).

With that being said, let’s get right into it. This client came to me right before a big shoot & she needed major work. Usually I have more than 24 hours to plan a big change like the one pictured but this whole look came together in 5 hours. A full frontal lace unit, bleach & double sided wig tape made this look possible. The hardest part of the whole concept was finding a way to attach the unit with little to no damage. This client came in with female pattern baldness which made it hard to adhere  without braiding or gluing. We opted for wig tape because it was a safe & only minorly abrasive to her hair. The other great part is that the tape is water resistant & great for the more active client. Then of course the edgy cut & style was a collaborative effort to best suit the client.

With so many different was to accomadate clients with hair issues, this was our story. We hope this was helpful & if you the reader knows of anyone searching for answers send them our way. To book a consultation with Anthony please email us at We hope you enjoyed!!